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Photography is my passion. Through the lens the world looks different and i would like to show you this difference. You can see it in my albums that are presented here.

Christenings Ebony
Wedding Photos Mr & Mrs Coveney
Family Terri
Family Natasha
Family Natalie
Family James
Family Becci
Birthdays Enzo’s 2nd Bday
Charity Clapa
Charity Kemp Hospice
Birthdays Glady’s 80th
Birthdays The Black Stars
Birthdays Enzo’s 1st Bday
Cake Smash Lily
Cake Smash Oliver
Cake Smash Nat & Dan
Christenings Logan
Wedding Photos Mr & Mrs Fletcher
Christenings Maisie
Wedding Photos Mr & Mrs Raymond
Wedding Photos Mr & Mrs Malinowski
Wedding Photos Mr & Mrs Adams
Wedding Photos Mr & Mrs Roberts
Wedding Photos Mr & Mrs Shepherd
Birthdays Charlotte’s 40th
Christenings Maddie
Christenings Macey
Wedding Photos Mr & Mrs Dugmore
Christenings Hannah & Lily
Wedding Photos Mr & Mrs Jenkins
Christenings Hermione
Wedding Photos Mr & Mrs Kennedy
Cake Smash Maddie
Cake Smash Marnie-Lee
Cake Smash Poppy & Amelia

Photography has fast became a real passion of mine and I just love to create memories that you can treasure for a lifetime. My style of photography is natural and unobtrusive, my favourite photos are those that capture genuine emotions and people having a great time. Be sure to check out my client albums for more samples of my work. So why not get in touch today to find out more information?

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