Mr & Mrs Jenkins

The day was finally here. My first wedding booking had arrived! It had been around 18 months since Karmell and Mark had made their booking with me and I could not be more excited. We had met up beforehand to discuss all of the little details.

“So, what kind of photos do you have in mind for the big day?” I asked.

“You know me, I don’t do mushy stuff. I don’t want any posed photos. Just natural ones of everyone having fun.” Karmell replied.

“Perfect! That’s right up my street!”

“There is one photo that Mark wants to do though, he has a collection of watches and has asked me if we could do something with his watch in.” said Karmell.

“Leave it to me, I’ll get some ideas together!” I replied.

We continued chatting like friends that hadn’t seen eachother in forever! Karmell let me in on a few secrets of some of the details she had put into the wedding such as specially customised glass stilettos and her wedding ring that had her beloved cat’s whisker and horse hair that had unfortunately passed away. I knew

A few months later the big day came. I popped the postcode into my satnav and went on my merry way to meet the beautiful Bride getting ready.

The wedding was at Blakelands Country House, Bobbington. I pulled into the carpark and the venue simply took my breath away, it was stunning. Unfortunately it was raining and very windy so we couldn’t take full advantage of the beautiful grounds.

I signed it at reception and the staff showed me to the Bridal Suite where Karmell and her Bridal team were getting ready. As I got to the door I heard roars of laughter and knew I was in the right place.  I went upstairs and saw the beautiful Bride, Bridesmaids and Man of Honour all sharing a glass of bubbly with rollers in their hair.

“Hiiii everyone!” I shrieked! I was SO excited!

“Fi! How are you lovely?” Karmell asked and proceeded to introduce me to everyone.

The morning flew by and everyone had gotten ready for the ceremony while I sneakily took pictures like a photographer ninja (one of my nicknames I’ve been called in the past, I like it so it’s stuck!). We then headed off to the Bridal bedroom to take a few more snaps in front of the window and the fireplace, you know the classic shots.

The time had come to make our way across the courtyard to the ceremony room. I snapped away as the stunning Bride came down the stairs and across the courtyard, with a gentleman holding an umbrella above her. I went ahead to meet Mark at the front of the aisle. I had a quick chat with the registrars like usual just to get the information I needed on where to stand.

“Hi Mark, how are you?” I asked

“Yeah I’m good thanks, looking forward to seeing her now.”

“Awww, how lovely! She won’t be long now” I replied.

The harpist changed her song to ‘Tale as old as time’ from Beauty and the Beast. I could feel my throat starting to go wobbly already. Hold it together Fi!

In came the Bridesmaids and Man of Honour, shortly followed by Karmell and her brother who was giving her away.  Mark faced forward the whole time and turned to meet his Bride at the front of the aisle. There I go again, wobbly bottom lip, tears in my eyes. The happy couple exchanged vows and the words echoed the room “You may now kiss your Bride!” There was clapping and cheering from all of the guests. At the signing of the register, I asked the new Mr & Mrs Jenkins to smile for the camera, but in true Jenkins style Mark fooled around and made Karmell laugh. It was perfect and sums up their relationship to a tee!

After the ceremony we had a couple of hours where we could go and explore a bit more of the house with entrees and guests congratulating the newlyweds. I found the Bride and Bridesmaids tucked away in one of the rooms with a fireplace and had a quick chat.

“That fireplace would make an amazing photo, Karmell”

“Oh my gosh yes!! Come on everyone!” she replied and got everyone into position.

I showed her what they looked like on my camera and she loved them. I couldn’t wait to edit them!

The wedding buffet was opened soon after and everyone went to grab a bite to eat. I took a bit of time to go and photograph the little details of table decorations and the wedding cake. Karmell insisted I had something to eat so I sat down at a table and joined in the conversation with some of the guests.

The DJ arrived and set up to get ready for a night of dancing while the speeches and cake cutting were done. By 8PM the dancefloor was empty apart from the fog machine and Mr & Mrs Jenkins made their way to have their first dance.

The fog and disco lights made the perfect shot, and I snapped away at the happy couple enjoying themselves. The guests joined them on the dancefloor and it was soon full of people dancing and having a great time. I stayed for a little while longer taking photos of everyone having fun and dancing the night away. At around 9.30pm I began packing up my equipment and thanked Mark and Karmell for a lovely day. It was time for me head home and let my head hit the pillow ready for the next few weeks of editing.

It was everything that I imagined it would be and more. Most of all, I know that I’ve gained a dear friend from this wedding booking and to me that means the absolute world!

Goodnight everyone xxx

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